Mami Wines Mix Gift (1 x Candle 1 x Merlot 1 x Pinot)


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    1 x Mami Pinot Grigio

    A very light wine with peach notes, slight citrus tings and a hint of pear and

    the primary fruit flavours are lime, lemon, pear, nectarine and apple.

    This Pinot Grigio takes on faint honeyed notes; floral

    aromas like honeysuckle and a saline-like minerality and doesn’t have a strikingly

    unique flavour.

    Serve at 6-8C

    Alcohol: 12% Vol


    1 x Mami Merlot

    This Merlot is fruity with refined, pin-cushion tannins.

    The boldness of this wine gives vanilla, chocolate

    and smoky cedar notes with a deep ruby blue colour and

    big fruity flavour.

    Serve at 14-15C

    Alcohol: 12% Vol

    1 x Candlelight Great Minds Drink Alike Large Wax Filled Pot Candle Midnight Rose Scent



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