Mami Wines Mix


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    1 x Mami Pinot Grigio

    A very light wine with peach notes, slight citrus tings and a hint of pear and

    the primary fruit flavours are lime, lemon, pear, nectarine and apple.

    This Pinot Grigio takes on faint honeyed notes; floral

    aromas like honeysuckle and a saline-like minerality and doesn’t have a strikingly

    unique flavour.

    Serve at 6-8C

    Alcohol: 12% Vol


    1 x Mami Chardonnay

    A very fine and delicate wine with fresh apple aromas with an

    armonic taste.

    Flavours of ripe pineapple, lemon curd, toffee, baked apple, Asian

    pear with a touch of chalky minerality.

    Serve at 10-12C

    Alcohol: 12% Vol

    1 x Mami Sauvignon Blanc

    Aromas of hothouse tomatoes, goose berries and sweet green


    On the palate it is very fresh and has a perfect balance of fruit and acidity,

    enlivening the palate and leaving it clean and revitalised.

    Serve at 8-10C

    Alcohol: 11.5% Vol


    1 x Mami Merlot

    This Merlot is fruity with refined, pin-cushion tannins.

    The boldness of this wine gives vanilla, chocolate

    and smoky cedar notes with a deep ruby blue colour and

    big fruity flavour.

    Serve at 14-15C

    Alcohol: 12% Vol


    1 x Mami Shiraz

    Dark ruby red in colour with typical notes of sour cherries and

    blackcurrants, dark spices like liquorice and

    black pepper with a long spicy persistence.

    Serve at 16-18C

    Alcohol: 12% Vol


    1 x Mami Cabernet

    An intense and dense ruby colour, firm tannins and full and rich taste.

    It has the scent of cherries, wild blackberry, black cherry, plum,

    with hints of intense cinnamon, vanilla, leather, tobacco, violet and pepper.

    On the palate it has an opulent taste, supported by a remarkable structure and

    powerful tannins, with balanced acidity and alcohol producing a long

    and pleasant aftertaste.

    Serve at 14-16C

    Alcohol: 12.5 % Vol


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