Mami Wines White Mix


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    2 x Mami Pinot Grigio

    A very light wine with peach notes, slight citrus tings and a hint of pear and

    the primary fruit flavours are lime, lemon, pear, nectarine and apple.

    This Pinot Grigio takes on faint honeyed notes; floral

    aromas like honeysuckle and a saline-like minerality and doesn’t have a strikingly

    unique flavour.

    Serve at 6-8C

    Alcohol: 12% Vol


    2 x Mami Chardonnay

    A very fine and delicate wine with fresh apple aromas with an

    armonic taste.

    Flavours of ripe pineapple, lemon curd, toffee, baked apple, Asian

    pear with a touch of chalky minerality.

    Serve at 10-12C

    Alcohol: 12% Vol


    2 x Mami Sauvignon Blanc

    Aromas of hothouse tomatoes, goose berries and sweet green


    On the palate it is very fresh and has a perfect balance of fruit and acidity,

    enlivening the palate and leaving it clean and revitalised.

    Serve at 8-10C

    Alcohol: 11.5% Vol



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